Flying Spindles

Saturday, April 25, between 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, twenty-two spindles will be posted in the Store. At their scheduled times they will appear in the Store with Add to Cart buttons.

A preregistered account isn’t necessary but it will save time inputting your address information at buying time.

7 – Egrets at 11:30 am
6 – Finches at 11:45 am
5 – Larks at 12 noon
4 – Swans at 12:10 pm
(Whoa crazy: sequential numbers weren’t intentional)

With the limit of one spindle per buyer, decide which style you’d most like to get this time around. (You can read about the differences in Ed’s spindle styles under the Frequently Asked Questions drop-down menu)

Egrets – $62
E68 Sp Apple 32g E69 Quilted Birch 36g
Note about the Spalted Apple Egret above: the tulips are red, the parts of wood that
look red aren’t in real life – it’s more of a golden tan.
E27 Cherry 33g E70 Cherry 35g

E53 Holly 39g E41 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 28gE51 Pacific Yew 36g

Finches – $52
F73 Bloodwood 10g  F86 Cocoblo 11g
F69 Birdseye Maple 9g   F90 Birdseye Maple 8gF84 Osage Orange 9g  F82 Tineo 8g

Larks – $52  (each Lark comes with a spindle bag)
L4 Burmese Rosewood 25g  L9 Osage Orange 24g

L42 Marblewood 26g   L52 Purpleheart 25gL59 Vera 28g

Swans – $56 each
S40-1 Bloodwood 50g  S43 Cocobolo 58g
S46 Mayan Rosewood 46g  S36 Osage Orange 52g
S&H: Swans and Egrets – $4 domestic, $12 International
Finches and Larks – $4 domestic, $9 International