Kuchulus, Delights, Aegeans

Spindles will be posted in the YarnTools store Saturday, April 18th, all times Pacific Daylight Time. At the scheduled time the pictures, info and Add to Cart buttons will be visible in the Store.

10 Kuchulus -at 11:45 am
6 Delights – at 12 noon
4 Aegeans – at 12:10 pm

Update 10:35am, Good news – the shopping cart/image problem has been resolved. Pictures have been added to  each spindle that will appear in the store when the time comes for them to be released.

Limit of one spindle per buyer.
(Egrets, Finches, and Larks will be posted a week from Saturday on April 25th.)
Click on individual pictures for larger size.
Ten Kuchulus, $49 each  Kuchulus are very tiny spindles, best for fine lace spinning.
K55 Burmese Blackwood 11g K57 Chechen 10g

K58 Cocobolo 10g K59 Holly 8g

K60 Guapinolillo 10g K62 Marblewood 19g

K38 Ebony 10g K43 Bloodwood 10g

K44 Carob 10g K49 Lilac 8g


6 Delights, $52 each  Delights are a all-purpose, sturdy little spindle.
D21 Bloodwood 27g D50 Canary 25g

D51 Cherry 25g D52 Cumaru 31g D55 Kingwood 33g D56 Orange Agate 30g

Four Aegeans, $56 each
Aegeans, more delicate than Delights, suitable for lace to sportweight spinning.

A57 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 16g
A58 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 16g A53 Honey Mesquite 18g  A63 Persimmon 19g



  1. I love Ed’s artwork – but those dandelion seed heads on the Aegean is inspired. Someone will be very lucky to have that.

  2. Hi, have you already shipped the spindles from saturday? I haven’t got a mail with tracking this time.

    1. Yes… both sent on Monday. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the email.

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