A Good Diversion

Ed’s not only a skilled woodworker.
DSC08033The other day while I was in the office doing bookwork in preparation for filing taxes Ed took it on himself to make the bags for the walnut Great Wheel. His brain rarely turns off; he constantly thinks of ways to improve something. It was his idea to use tarps to make the wheel bags to carry the first wheels in. Then someone suggested buying painters’ canvas at Lowes. Bingo.

How nonchalantly he sews!


Sewing the wheel and table bags was a fun diversion for Ed, I’ll sew the bags for the heads and legs as this coming week.

Earlier this week we got a call from one of Ed’s aunts; she’s flying out here on Tuesday for a visit with us, Ed’s dad and great aunt. We’re looking forward to seeing her though it means work will be put on hold a couple of days. Saturday, the 11th we’ll be at the Fiber Fair in Oregon City. Spindles being made are designated for the Fair. We’d like to post more spindles the following week.

Apple buds gracing our gravenstein tree. They show a glimpse of the resurrection of life after the dead of winter. We celebrate the Resurrection with gratitude and awe.



  1. I love your photos and blog posts. So nice to know more about the couple behind the spindles.
    Celebrating the Resurrection with you…He is risen!

  2. I love your Featherweight! I have one just like it. They had a nice article in the May issue of American Quilter about how wonderful they are and how they still work great after eighty years. I’m hoping to get to the Fiber Fair on the 11th.

    1. Ed’s mom found it for us at a yard sale a couple decades ago, before the price went sky high. That would be quite the drive for you, though beautiful through the Gorge.

  3. The picture of Ed sitting and sewing on the sewing machine is priceless! Is there no end to the creative talents that he and you possess? 🙂 I would imagine that it must be quite the undertaking to not only form a plan in your head for a spinning wheel bag that size but to then actually create it!!!

    Your photo of beautiful Mother Nature in Spring is greatly appreciated! We are still waiting for her arrival here in Wisconsin:)

    Take care! Kat

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