April 2015

Two items: 1) Our granddaughter is unexpectedly spending the day with us. As a result office time will be limited to nap time. Spindles will be mailed as possible, what (…Read More)

Saturday, April 25th A number of people experienced great disappointment today when they thought they had a spindle in their cart. Then they clicked in the Proceed to Check-out page only to find it was not in their cart. (…Read More)

Saturday, April 25, between 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Pacific Daylight Time, twenty-two spindles will be posted in the Store. At their scheduled times they will appear in the Store (…Read More)

Spindles will be posted in the YarnTools store Saturday, April 18th, all times Pacific Daylight Time. At the scheduled time the pictures, info and Add to Cart buttons will be visible (…Read More)

Spindles that came home from the spin-in will be inventoried followed by a photo session, the editing process and uploading them to the website. Spindles will be uploaded to the (…Read More)

Ed’s not only a skilled woodworker. The other day while I was in the office doing bookwork in preparation for filing taxes Ed took it on himself to make the bags (…Read More)