Seven Swans a Swimming

Seven Swans will be available in the Store this evening at 6pm, Pacific Daylight Time. If you have a Swan please let someone who’s learning to spin have this opportunity to buy.

Purpleheart, 60 grams / 2.11 ounces

S16 Purpleheart 60g

Bloodwood, 52 grams / 1.83 ounce S18 Bloodwood 52g

Cocobolo, 60 grams / 2.11 ouncesS20 Cocobolo 60g

Figured Eucalyptus, 46 grams / 1.62 ounceS22 Figured Eucalyptus 46g

Spalted Tamarind, 44 grams / 1.55 ounceS23 Spalted Tamarind 44g

Quilted Bigleaf Maple, 46 grams / 1.62 ounceS24 QBL Maple 46g

Osage Orange, 53 grams / 1.86 ounceS25 Osage Orange 53g


  1. I learned on your Aegean A23 at Madrona
    I’m hopeing for a Lark/ Jay

    1. You were one of the lucky people who got to take Ilisha’s class at Madrona! Right now there are no Larks, Ed tries to rotate through his various types and he’d made a couple of batches of Larks last week. RSS the blog to keep track of upcoming spindle announcements.

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