Seven Egrets

The two stealth spindle updates didn’t go off without a hitch but at least there were no oversells. A couple of people did have a spindle in their cart which timed out before they’d finished entering their information.  Sign up with an account and fill out your information ahead of time; check the little box below the information fields to save your info. This will enable you to quickly move through the process, as well as remove the chance of info errors that often happen when a person is entering information when a spindle is in the cart.

A word of advice: Clear your browser history and simply enter yarntools, without the www. For some unknown reason using the w’s creates login problems.

Seven Egrets will be posted this afternoon, March 7, at 2 pm, Pacific Time. It’s the most “middle” ground time to accommodate world wide time zones. We plan to have regular Saturday spindle postings with varying times from week to week.

Ed wants to try making enough spindles to post six or seven about 3 times each week while yet building stock for upcoming shows.

Next up on the docket will be Swans to be posted on Tuesday, Thursday will see some Finches.

If you have an Egret please give those without an Egret a chance.
eta March 7 2:02pm SOLD OUT

Tineo aka Chilean Apple, 32 grams

E59 Honey Mesquite 32g

Quilted Bigleaf Maple, 42 grams
E61 QBL Maple 42g

Fig, 34 grams
E64 Fig 34g





Osage Orange, 43 grams
E65 Osage Orange 43g


English Walnut, 34 gramsE55 English Walnut 34g



Cherry, 32 gramsE56 Cherry 32g

Elm, 30 gramsE58 Elm 30g