March 2015

Eight Aegeans, eight Swans and four Larks will be available to buy in the Store starting at noon, Pacific Daylight Time, Saturday March 28th. Limit of one. Aegeans are scheduled at 12:00 noon Larks (…Read More)

Ed’s Great Wheel, number 7 is finished and for the time being reigning in our living room until it’s been thoroughly put through its paces. There’s usually a training period. A (…Read More)

A friend called to let us know he’d just removed an old burled ornamental cherry tree from his yard, would Ed like the trunk? Through the years Ed’s learned that getting (…Read More)

I’m not a math geek by any stretch of the imagination but there are certain numerical things that tickle my fancy such as when dates line up with mathematical theories. (…Read More)

Here’s Ed latest Finches! These little spindles want to be early birds; they will be in the store Thursday, March 12 at 9am Pacific Daylight Time. If you have a (…Read More)

Seven Swans will be available in the Store this evening at 6pm, Pacific Daylight Time. If you have a Swan please let someone who’s learning to spin have this opportunity (…Read More)

The two stealth spindle updates didn’t go off without a hitch but at least there were no oversells. A couple of people did have a spindle in their cart which (…Read More)