2.21  During this morning’s update two spindles were oversold multiple times. We debated removing the afternoon spindles to avoid more problems but are hoping that everything will run smoothly this time.

The number limits have been checked multiple times and the format has been changed so that once a spindle has sold it won’t show up anymore. This should make it easier for me to keep tabs of what has sold to be certain multiple people aren’t buying the same one and remove it quickly if it does happen.

Spindles in the afternoon group will be mailed by Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll be processing and packing as fast as possible but the numbers are beyond what I can manage in one day.

Sometimes people do the very best that’s possible and things still go wrong. The web designer we use has been top-notch and wonderful to work with. He’s written code to fit our needs and done everything in his power to bring the shopping cart up to the task. We’ve spent countless hours pouring over shopping cart review, studying other sites as well as submitting tickets and getting the best upgrades possible within our limited means.

We’ll see how this afternoon’s posting does. If spindles start selling multiple times then we’ll need to pull everything and simply post spindles as Ed makes them without advance notice.

Not all is gloomy here! Ed’s thrilled that he gets to  make spindles and wheels. This afternoon he’s been working in the yard and garden. We planted sugar peas last week which are already coming up. Yesterday he and our granddaughter planted collards and spinach. The 2nd year asparagus are 4″ high, our neighbor’s pear tree has blossoms(!) and the first of the daffodils are merrily blooming. Just as spring is coming we know that this past year has been a different type of season that will eventually pass.
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  1. I love the end of winter and the beginning of spring. At the moment the sun shines in Germany and you can feel the warmth. Flowers are popping out of the ground.
    Vegetables from the own garden are much tastfuller than from the stores and it gives a lot of joy to follow the growestages.
    I wish you and Ed a lot of sunshine and a lot of tasty vegetables and fruits,


    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Marion, we’re looking forward with great anticipation produce from our garden. It sounds like your area of Germany isn’t far behind what we’re experiencing in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. I love the photo of spring daffodils! Here on the shore of Lake Superior it was 15 below zero this morning, so it’s nice to know that it’s spring somewhere!

    I was sorry when I checked your website and you’d removed the photos of all of the spindles that had been sold. I know it probably makes things easier for you, but I always love to see the gorgeous spindles that Ed makes, even if I can’t buy one!! But I guess I’ll just have to check the website more often!

    Happy spring to you!

    1. We hope the sight of currently blooming daffodils will bring hope to all of you suffering through the long winter.

      The spindles are set to automatically be removed as they are bought in order to keep better tabs on potential oversells. The pictures are on the blog. 🙂 They were posted there last Friday for previewing.

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