Saturday Spindles

There will be two groupings of spindles posted in the Store Saturday, Feb 21st, at 9 am and 4 pm, Pacific Time, in order to give people in different time zones a chance to buy without setting alarm clocks for the middle of the night.

Larks, Kuchulus, Finches and Egrets are evenly divided between the two postings.

The limit of 1 spindle only will be strictly enforced. 

If you have one of these types please give people who would love their very first Jenkins the opportunity to buy.

If this is your first time visiting see the Store page for buying instructions.

9 am Spindles:
7 – Larks

L16 Bolivian Rosewood 25g


Bolivian Rosewood
25 grams / .88 ounce



L15 Burmese Blackwood 32g



Burmese Blackwood
L15, 32 g / 1.12 ounce



L20 Burmese Rosewood 26g



Burmese Rosewood L20
26 g / .91 ounce


L22 Marblewood 25g


25 grams / .88 ounce




L34 Osage Orange 23g


Osage Orange
23 grams / .81 ounce



L13 Tulipwood 28g


28 g / .98 ounce



L17 Vera 29g

Verawood Lark
29 g / 1.09 ounce




3 – Kuchulus,  9am  The dime is shown for size reference.
K19 Bloodwood 10g



10 g / .35 ounce



K24 Carob 7g


Carob Kuchulu
7 g / .24 ounce




K27 Purpleheart 8g


8 g / .28 ounce




4 – Finches, 9 am

F28 Madrone 8g

8 g / .28 ounce



F32 Bloodwood 12g





12 g / .42 ounce


F26 Mt Mahogany 12g




Mountain Mahogany
12 g / .42 ounce
F27 Mora 13g



13 g / .45 ounce




6 – Egrets,  9 am

E35 Pacific Yew 33g


Pacific Yew
33 g / 1.16 ounce



E36 Walnut 36g


36 g / 1.26 ounce




E37 Apple 37g


37 g / 1.30 ounce




E29 Cherry 33g


Cherry E29
33g / 1.16 ounce


E38 Q Birch 34g





Quilted Birch
34 g / 1.19 ounce


E39 Honey Mesquite 44g



Honey Mesquite
44 g / 1. 55 ounce




The following Spindles will be posted in the Store at 4 pm Pacific Time, Feb.21
Reminder: Limit of One (1) Spindle will be strictly enforced. If you bought one in the morning you may not buy another one in the afternoon. 

7 – Larks, 4 pm

L26 Burmese Blackwood 31g

Burmese Blackwood
L26 31 g / 1.09 ounce




L24 Burmese Rosewood 28g


Burmese Rosewood
L24  28 g / .98 ounce




L21 Black & White Ebony 23g



Black & White Ebony
23 grams / .81 ounce


L19 Guapinolillo 27g




Guapinolillo Lark
27 grams / .95 ounce

L33 Pink Ivory 30g


Pink Ivorywood
30 g / 1.05 ounce



L23 Purpleheart 29g



29 g / 1.02 ounce



L30 Tulipwood 29g




29 g / 1.02 ounce



2 – Kuchulus, 4 pm   

K26 Guapinolillo 10g



10 g / .35 ounce



K25 Lilac 8g



8 g / .28 ounce




3 – Finches, 4 pm

F34 Cocobolo 11g




11 g / .38 ounce

F39 Mora 15g




15 g / .52 ounce

F36 Pistachio 9g




9 g / .31 ounce




6 – Egrets, 4 pm

E32 Black Locust 40g
Black Locust
40 g / 1.41 ounce





E30 Cherry 35g


Cherry E30
35 g / 1.23 ounce




E47 Fig 32g


32 g / 1.12 ounce




E28 QBL Maple 30g

Quilted Bigleaf Maple E28
30 g / 1.05 ounce





E40 Honey Mesquite 50g



Honey Mesquite E40
50 g / 1.76 ounce



E52 Osage Orange 45g


Osage Orange
45 g / 1.58 ounce

That’s all for Saturday’s updates.







  1. How beautiful they are! I had to look close a the Black Locust Egret to see what flower Ed added, but it was the natural markings of the wood. Just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Mike. That Black Locust is a striking spindle with its natural decorations.

  2. I did send an online message but just wanted to confirm it was the Mountain Mahogany Finch that was in my basket that I was unable to check out with 🙁 I’m pretty sure it was because the postcode and state were filled in as well ÛK for country. But I didn’t have time to amend it before it was removed from my basket. So sad, would have been my first Finch.

    1. Hi Anita, Sorry you were disappointed with the Mt Mahogany Finch. There were so many people simultaneously going for the Mt Mahogany Finch that the cart couldn’t keep up which allowed a number of people to put it into their carts.
      I’m glad you were able to get a Finch in the afternoon post.

      1. No problem Wanda, once I realised it wasn’t just me I was fine about it, and even better when I managed to get one just as I was going to bed 🙂 I was a tiny bit worried there might be problems and an email waiting for me in the morning but no everything was fine. Really pleased the second release went without a hitch, it must have been a very stressful morning for you!

        1. Thanks Anita. I’m glad it worked out in the end for you. You’re right, it was very stressful. We’re hoping never to have a repeat performance.

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