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2.13.15 Jesse has been hard at work behind the scenes in the website with the goal of making the buying experience smoother for everyone. Right now his goal is to have everything in place and test runs completed on Tuesday. Which means we need to delay the Valentine Day update. 🙁 The good part is there will be more spindles than we have ready to go right now. We’re tentatively planning the next update of spindles to be posted either Wednesday or Thursday, Feb 18th or 19th.

If you would rather we put off the next update until Saturday, Feb 21st please leave a comment. I’d hoped to post a number of spindles tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) so that most people wouldn’t need to worry about trying to get a spindle during the workday (USA/Canada). It doesn’t matter to us which day we post the spindles, once the site is ready, we want to make it as easy as possible on our customers.

The new changes will be well worth this extra wait. The whole shopping experience should be straightforward for everyone. You will be able to see at a glance which spindles are still available on the main page, without first adding it to your cart. Also, the time period to click through to buy will be much shorter. If the time limit (five minutes) passes before the person buys it the spindle will automatically be removed from the cart and made available.

The worst of Ed’s horrible cold is behind him. This week he found out pretty quickly that he wasn’t able to work as he’d planned. Getting older means the body just doesn’t spring back like it did a decade ago.


  1. I think I cached Ed’s cold by now … which day doesn’t matter for me, more the daytime. Would be great if you could post them a bit earlier, say around noon.Aso, I understand the issue with the time limit. On a PC nota problem at all, but on mobile devices (tablets) most people are not as fast with typing. Please consider that. It would be very frustrating if someone gets kicked out halfway through the buying procedure

    1. Oh no! Ed didn’t want to share his cold with anyone. I hope you’re feeling better!

      Good reminder about it taking longer to input info when using a mobile. This is a good reason to be preregistered: clicking right through checkout without typing much info.
      If people are being booted out while actually in process we’ll adjust the time.

  2. Saturday would be great but whichever date works best for you and Jesse will be fine Wanda.

    1. Thanks for your input, Elizabeth!

  3. Hi Wanda and Ed,

    Thanks for the updates re the website. So glad it’s coming together. I’m hoping to purchase a Finch sooner rather than later. And it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to make it to Black Sheep Gathering this year, so I’ll be buying it online. The Saturday posting of the spindles works better for me since I’m usually busy at work when you release them on a weekday. But if I know you’re releasing them on Thursday or Friday, sometimes I can squeeze in minute to try to get one!

    Glad Ed is better and hope that continues. Recovery after the current viruses takes time and lots of rest.
    Thanks, Wanda,


    1. Sorry you won’t be able to make it to BSG this year. There will be some Finches in the next update. It looks like Saturday works for most who’ve replied.

      1. >

        But you asked for comments only from people who prefer Saturday! (though you didn’t ask, weekdays actually work better for me).

        FWIW, I agree with halessa that a 5-minute cart may be too tight. I guess you will find out, though. Whether it’s 5 or 20, the spindles will sell. Looking forward to the update.

        1. Thanks for making this point, Ana. My question was poorly worded. I was expecting anyone to weigh in as to their preference, not just the Saturday people. It will be impossible to have a time that will be great for everyone.

          I’m not sure what timing Jesse will settle with, I’d asked for between 5 – 10 minutes.

  4. Please wait until Saturday, Feb 21st to post the new spindles. I’m unable to access the site from work! Glad that Ed is feeling better!

    1. Thanks for letting me know Saturday works best for you.

  5. Any chance of posting at different time slots (not only on Saturday but in general) to accommodate buyers from all over the world? Quite often I miss out on the updates because I’m asleep.

    1. Posting at different times in one day is an interesting idea. I’ve done it a couple times with the stealth postings in the past and it does seem to work well.

  6. I saw that you have already decided to go with a Saturday release, but wanted to add that a Saturday release of spindled is better, I find, for me to buy (try ;)) from Australia. During the week I can’t set the alarm for 3am, etc, but on Saturday I can.

    1. Your experience of having to get up so early is one reason that Saturdays seem to be a good day. Naps are easier to make time for during the weekends.

  7. I’d have preferred a weekday tbh. Weekends are a bit harder in a different time zone. I think the 5 min would work great as its 1 spindle per order. I’m hoping I’ll find out soon enough 🙂

    1. Thanks for your input, Anita. One reason Saturday seems like the best is the majority of people don’t work that day; a number of customers written that they can only buy during the weekend – they’re not allowed to do personal stuff during work. Another advantage to Saturday is that people in the 8 – 10 hour time differences at least have the chance to catch a nap if they either have to stay up late (Eastern Europe) or get up very early (Western Australia).

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