Concerning the next update

First up – a very important message to all of you who use mobile devices: One key component for buying a spindle is to turn the phone or tablet horizontally (landscape view) in order to access the Proceed to Check-out button. You may need to scroll to the right to reach it.

In the best of plans I’d thought we’d be posting more spindle by today. As the week progressed it was apparent that we needed to delay until some more tweaking takes place. Right now we’re aiming for Saturday mid-afternoon on the 14th.

During Monday’s update there were several times the site was down due the 4000+ hits that took place during the two hour period. Jesse plans to beef up the shopping cart so that it can handle the load, as well as shortening the check-out time allotted from 20 minutes to a more reasonable period of five minutes so that spindles won’t be held captive so long.

We had weekend plans firmly in place. Finally, we’d take the time to go to the coast for a couple of days and drop by the Newport Spin-In whilst there. For several years we’d hear of the event after it happened, so this year we marked it on the calendar and looked forward to the day of mingling with spinners. Even the forecast of heavy rains and high winds weren’t going to deter us. We did encounter a bump that almost threw us off course last weekend before deciding to take it full speed ahead and go to Newport anyway.

Until yesterday when it was obvious that the head cold which ensnared Ed Sunday night wasn’t going away anytime soon. And yesterday afternoon I received a call from a friend who needs a friend to walk beside her for a time.

Someday we’ll get in that trip to the beach.

Between Ed’s working only a few hours this week, Jesse needing time to work my requests into his schedule, being available for my friend, and the pressing reality of tackling tax bookwork, we’re tentatively aiming the next update for next Saturday,February 14th. Valentine’s Day. As before I’ll be posting pictures of the upcoming spindles here at the blog to give people a chance to see them ahead of time. Right now there will definitely be Larks and possibly some Kuchulus. If Ed’s able to make more between now and Wednesday those will also be added. I’d like to post at least a couple dozen.




  1. I will check in on Valentine’s Day. I hope I am lucky enough to buy one of your spindles soon.

  2. I’m excited about the next update. I’ll check back on Sat.

  3. Please take care of yourseld and Ed. We’ll all be here when you are all better.

    Good thoughts out to you all.

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