Preview of Kuchlus and Finches


Kuchlus will be available in the Store at 2pm (Pacific Time) today, Feb 2. Finches will be posted at 3pm today. The limit of one spindle per person will be enforced so decide now if you plan to go for a Kuchulu or a Finch.
When the time comes to buy expect lots of competition, therefore, please check through to buy quickly so the spindle will not be in limbo which is very frustrating for everyone who’s trying to get a spindle.

K7 Bloodwood Kuchulu, 9 grams
K7 Bloodwood 9g

K9 Bloodwood kuchulu, 10 grams
K8 Bloodwood 10g

K6 Burmese Blackwood Kuchulu, 10 grams
K6 Burmese Blackwood 10g

K5 Purpleheart Kuchulu, 11 grams

K5 Purpleheart 11g

K4 Marblewood Kuchulu, 10 grams
K4 Marblewood 10g

K3 Kingwood Kuchulu, 10 grams
K3 Kingwood 10g

K17 Tulipwood Kuchulu, 10 grams
K17 Tulipwood 10g

K16 Desert Ironwood Kuchulu, 11 grams
K16 Desert Ironwood 11g

K12 Black & White Ebony Kuchulu, 11 grams
K12 Black & white Ebony 11g

K9 Ebony Kuchulu, 11 grams

K9 Ebony 11g

K10 Ebony  Kuchulu, 11 grams

K10 Ebony 11g


F24 Quilted Ash Finch, 10 grams
F24 Quilted Ash 10g

F22 Bocote Finch, 11 grams
F22 Bocote 11g

F23 Bocote Finch, 11 grams
F23 Bocote 11g

F20 Kingwood Finch, 13 grams
F20 Kingwood 13g

F14 Lilac Finch, 10 grams
F14 Lilac 10g

F15 Lilac Finch, 11 gramsF15 Lilac 11g

F21 Quilted Bigleaf Maple, 10 grams
F21 Quilted Bigleaf maple 10g

F11 Pistachio Finch, 8 gramsF11 Pistachio 8g

F12 Pistachio Finch, 9 grams

F12 Pistachio 9g

F8 Spalted Tamarind Finch, 10 grams

F8 Spalted Tamarind 10g

F9 Spalted Tamarind Finch, 9 grams

F9 Spalted Tamarind 9g