Whoa, the past three days are a blur. We put on more mileage in those days than we normally drive in three weeks. Much of the driving was wood related, and all the outcomes were good but by last night I could hardly think straight let alone put many words together that would seem semi coherent.

It’s been a day of scrambling to catch up with the work Ed did last Friday; a photo session with the Egrets; emails and messages, still have a ways to go but want to update here.

There will be Egrets posted today, I’m aiming for 3:30 pm Pacific Time. It’s not convenient for those in Europe but I try to alternate so our friends in Aus., Japan, NZ, etc also have a chance. By and large the morning updates have outpaced the later in the day postings.

One of our outings yesterday was dashing to a town 20+ away to meet up with our son who had about 20 minutes of free time while in the area on a business trip.  It was great to see him, even if was only for a few short minutes.

He was quite astonished to see his dad without a beard as it’d be 21 years.


DSC07597Ed was possibly more excited about the almost 40 lbs of wood JJ had brought in his luggage. Last weekend he and his family had gone camping in the mountains and found a bunch of dead Mountain Mahogany similar to what the branch we’d found when visiting them last summer.

While JJ & family were visiting Kansas relatives in November Ed asked him to cut some of the dead Osage Orange cousins had taken out from hedgerows. After Christmas he’d sent it to us via some friends of friends that were visiting in their area. Well, we weren’t able to get up to their place until this past Sunday. Less than 2 lbs of wood. He could have added it to the duffle bag with the Mt Mahogany if he’d known then that he’d be flying into PDX the day after we were able to pick it up. Life sometimes has funny little jigs and jogs.


  1. Shake father and son up and you’ll have a great goatee!

    1. Ha, grey mustache with a black beard, that’d be a sight!

  2. Wow Wanda, it’s great to capture family moments like these. It’s so cool to see father and son together even though it’s for just a couple of minutes. But it’s the moment that means so much.

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