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A number of people have contacted us with three requests:

How can I buy a spindle?
Once Ed has made a batch and they’re ready to go, they will be posted in the website Store. While they’re still available in the store there are Add to Cart buttons under each spindle.

The way the shopping cart works is that the button is still visible until that item has actually been purchased. Thus, if someone has it in their cart while proceeding through the check-out process that spindle will look like it’s still available until you click to buy, then a note will let you know that it’s not available. If the person decides at the last minute not to buy it then after a period of time it will be available again.

Having the cushion of time to allows the buyer to purchase a spindle without the chance of someone else snatching it out of a cart.

Sometimes we announce updates on our Facebook Yarn Tools page but not always. We used to post them on the blog so people could leisurely look at them before we placed them in the store. While that was great for previewing the shopping cart could become overwhelmed with too many people clicking for the same spindles. So, for the most part spindles are placed in the store without any fanfare or prior announcement.

After the spindles have been bought the images and details are usually left up until the next batch so people can see what the most recent spindles were.

Add me to your mailing list.
We do not have a mailing list. During so triggers all kinds of spam alerts and blacklisting of our email address which is a headache to straighten out. We have a hard enough time with our emails ending up in people’s junk folders, even those who have us in their address books.

Put me on your spindle list.We don’t have a spindle list, with a few exceptions such as that special birthday or celebration. The last time we opened up to requests, with a limit of two spindles per buyer, we had to shut down the requests after 2.5 days when the list grew so long so quickly that it had Ed back-logged for 3 months. While some makers have no problem with that long of a list it caused a great deal of stress for Ed and thus he worked long hours 6 – 7 days/week. Not wise. He’s an artist at heart, being tied to a list was stifling his creativity. Plus he needs time to make great wheels and to experiment with new concepts that bounce around in his head.

I’ve emailed but haven’t heard back:
Please check your spam/junk folder. Emails from us, even direct replies, often end up in spam folders or lost in cyberspace. We’ve never sent spam but we’re told that servers with other accounts can have this problem. Due to budget restraints we have to share servers. If you haven’t received a reply after 3 days please let me know so we can reply from a back-up gmail account.


Those of you who’ve been able to come to a fiber show and meet Ed in person know of his iconic beard. The one that he’s had since ’94 without even a trim.
Ed at Sock Summit11

As of yesterday afternoon:1.16 ShavingNewly shaved, coloring with our granddaughter:1.16Beardless


  1. Amazing that Ed cut his beard!!!
    He does look younger now though. 🙂

    Stress is not a good thing, Ed needs to enjoy his life and his work.
    Wanda you are a good manager to set limits on sales and a loving wife.

    You are both so talented in your skills, Ed with his woodworking and you with your computer, record keeping and management skills.

    Family life is a blessing,

    Take care!

  2. I wouldn’t recognize Ed now! Why the change? I hope the beard wasn’t getting pulled too much by the grandkids — or getting in the way of the tools! I also hope Ed is enjoying his new face — or has he gotten tired of shaving already and started a new beard????

  3. Thank you for posting this information – very helpful!

  4. Wow! Shaving your beard must have been a little stressful for you. ..however, you look at least 20 years younger, Ed!!! 🙂

    1. Ed had been contemplating it for some time so he was ready to take the razor to it with no qualms. He does look somewhat younger. 🙂

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