Sheep Horn Spindles Drawing Results

This drawing was closed January 10th. These four sheep horn spindles are each now spinning in their new homes.
Thanks to all who entered for a chance to buy one of the Icelandic Horn spindles! A PayPal invoice, or email contact will be sent to these four winners within the hour.
Ed is looking forward to making more of Sheep Horn spindles in the future.

A random number generator came up with these numbers:

Horn Spindle #1   Entry Number:  Icehorn1 10g

Horn Spindle #2   Entry Number: 17
Icehorn2 12g

Horn Spindle #3   Entry Number: 21
Icehorn3 14g

Horn Spindle #4  Entry Number: 36
Icehorn4 17gETA, I just now notice the irony that the numbers the rng posted are in sequence. The unpredictability of these drawings is purely fascinating.


  1. Congrats to the lucky winners! I’m looking forward to another chance!

    1. We’re working on a couple of long-term sources for sheep horns. Stay tuned.

  2. These are so beautiful and talented work to create Turkish Spindles out of these Beautiful horns! I hope to one day own an Agean out of this truely beautiful horn.
    I habe not seen such colors in horn all in one place before. Ed has such an amazing skills!

    1. Thanks Lillian! Please don’t hold out hope for an Aegean made from sheep’s horn; they have their own category.

      1. Well Ill just have to hold out for one in their own category then, who could resist?
        I bet it feels terrific with a very lovely spin. :))


  3. so lovely

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