A New Year’s Debut

Hooray, the website is up and running! Thanks to Jesse at Mardesco and the tech people at the new host server, DreamHost, who all patiently held my hand helped to pull everything together.

It’s time to celebrate with Ed’s latest achievement!
During the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival Ed came across a booth carrying an item he was hoping to find sometime.

Who could resist spinning with one of Ed’s sheep horn spindles?
4 Icelandic horn spindles 2 Horn sideviewOh the charm of spinning one of these small spindles!
This bit of fine yarn was chain-plyed as spun on #1.
Icelandic 1 10g

Ed Jenkins Icelandic Horn Spindle #1, 10 grams / 0.35 ounce

Icehorn1 10g


Ed Jenkins Icelandic Horn Spindle #2, 12 grams / 0.42 ounce
Icehorn2 12g

Ed  Jenkins Horn Spindle #3, 14 grams / 0.49 ounce

Icehorn3 14g

Ed Jenkins Horn Spindle #4, 17 grams / 0.59 ounce
Icehorn4 17g
All the shafts for these Horn Spindles were made from Jobillo wood.

This drawing was closed January 10th. These four sheep horn spindles are each now spinning in their new homes. 

If you’d like a chance to  buy one of these beauties please send an email by 8 a.m. (Pacific Time), Jan 10th to spin@yarntools.com with the following information:

Subject Heading: Horn Spindle #___
In the email body:
Your name
Zip code, Or the country and phone number if outside the USA
PayPal email
The spindle number of the one you like best.

These spindles are each
$85 USD
1st Class S&H:  $4 US domestic, $7.50 to Canada, $12 – all other International destinations

The entry numbers for each spindle will be entered into a random number generator, the number that is drawn for each spindle will be posted here by 1 p.m. Saturday. (Sorry for the time change, something came up that takes me away from home in the morning.)
PayPal invoices will be sent to the people with the winning number.
Example: you enter for Horn Spindle #4, you’ll receive a reply letting you know what your number is. If your number matches the randomly generated number for Spindle #4 you’ll be sent a PP invoice.

If you see the same number that you were give but it’s allotted to horn spindle #3 that means the person who entered for HS #3 and was given that number will be the one who gets to buy it.
In order to give everyone plenty of time to hear about the posting at this site the drawing won’t take place until Saturday, January 10th at 10:30 a.m., Pacific Time. Closing time for entries is 10 a.m. Saturday.

Best wishes to everyone! We’re praying for an uneventful, smooth sailing year ahead with all of the website woes and headaches in the dust of the past.
This drawing was concluded January 10th. These four sheep horn spindles are each now spinning in their new homes. 


  1. What is the shaft wood for each of the spindles?

    1. Thanks for asking! The wood Ed used for the shafts in this set of Horn spindles is Jobillo. He wanted a wood that would complement the coloring of the horn.

    1. Hello Margarete, please email your entry submission as written in the instructions, right below the pictures of the spindles. We need your email address, and zip code/phone#, information that we’d never expect people to put into the comments section.

  2. These are gorgeous! I’m definitely throwing my name in the hat for this one. I know you’ve had an uphill battle with technology over the past year, with so many people wanting to get their hands on your beautiful work. Here’s hoping that it’s smooth sailing from here on out!

    1. Thanks Dana! Looking forward to smooth sailing ahead.

  3. How amazing! Will you do this again? I am currently low on spending money. I have Jacob sheep and have several collected horns. Some are hollow and some have the bone inside. I could send some to Ed, FREE! I had plans to make things, but I would rather spin on my Jenkins Turkish Spindle. Anyway, could Ed use some of these horns? I would like a spindle (just ONE spindle) made from my sheep’s horn. Ed can use the rest of the horns. I can send what I have, but would be good to know what kind of horn he wants; hollow or filled, for example.

    Thanks, Cathy

    1. Sounds interesting. We talked with some Jacob shepherds at OFFF about horns but weren’t able to get any.

  4. OOOoooo, these horn spindles are beautiful!! Such a great idea! 😀

    1. Sorry, Rina, the drawing took place January 10th. These spindles have been sent to their new homes. Ed will be making new horn spindles as soon as he gets more sheep horns.

    2. How do you buy if you do?

      1. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for buying information.

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