It’s been snowing off and on since yesterday morning… our first this winter. Yes, we are delighted to see the beautiful white snow slowly accumulating on the ground and trees. (…Read More)

Three decades have passed since Ed made his first crochet hooks. By 1999 he was making the size Q hooks for a Portland retailer and our outlet on eBay. In (…Read More)

You may have been hanging by a thread waiting for the Finches to appear.There are sixteen now posted for your spinning dreams.Read all the instructions for this drawing very carefully. (…Read More)

The newest group of kuchulus have been posted for Lottery Drawings.Instructions and pictures on the Kuchulu page.Finches will be posted by midafternoon Thursday the 16th for their lottery. If you (…Read More)

The Random Number Generator generated number:62Congratulations! Thanks for all the comments! We had fun reading through them chuckling at some and savoring others.Ed has made some more Finches which are (…Read More)

Perhaps it was the acrylics Ed was given for Christmas.Maybe it was having a couple weeks of not spending hours in the shop. Or was it the prescription for his (…Read More)