There is a small group of Aegeans posted, along with detailed instructions for entering the drawings to take place on Tuesday, April 22nd. Since there aren’t many (nine total) they (…Read More)

This beautiful Desert Ironwood Finch and 16 others are now posted. To enter for a chance to buy one of these Finches please read and follow all the instructions on (…Read More)

Our gravenstein apple tree is dressed in its showiest white.We mowed the yard this afternoon for the fourth time in the past month. Birdsong wakes us up at the crack (…Read More)

Great Wheel #4 is finished! It will accompany us to the  Aurora Colony Handspinners’ Fiber Fair & Spin-In taking place at the Clackamas Community College, in Oregon City Saturday, April (…Read More)

Ten Fine Finches are ready to fly to new homes.Pictures and instructions on how to enter for the drawing are posted on the Finch page. Follow all the instructions, entries (…Read More)

Ed’s latest Egrets are ready to fly to new homes!Pictures are posted of the Egrets available in the Lottery drawings taking place on Thursday, the 13th. All details and instructions (…Read More)

Finches are posted on their page for the next Lottery Drawings using an online Random Number Generator.Among the ten available Finches is one made from Snakewood, pictured here.Snakewood comes from (…Read More)

Kuchulus are posted on their page for the next Lottery Drawing chance to buy one. All instructions and details are on the Kuchulu page. There will be chances to enter (…Read More)

Eight Aegeans are posted on the Aegean page for Lottery Drawings!Please see the Aegean page for instructions and pictures.Because there are only eight available this time around we are asking (…Read More)