While we will not be at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, aka Rhinebeck several dozen of our spindles will be available there. Janet Lynn will have them at (…Read More)

No need to waste any more time checking for stealth updates these next few days. The next group will be posted sometime either Monday or Tuesday depending on when a (…Read More)

Eight Swans have been posted with Buy Now buttons. As they sell the buttons have to be manually removed, which can be a real scramble when many are posted. We’re (…Read More)

Progress on the new website churned in circles as I tried to figure out how to manipulate all the various features plus integrate an adequate shopping cart. It was like (…Read More)

The Columbia Gorge We had a wonderful time driving to Moscow, ID where we paid a quick visit to The Yarn Underground to see Shelley and (…Read More)

You know those times when a multitude of things all seem to collide within a short period? Yeah, that’s right now. All is good, just lots happening between sleuthing a (…Read More)

Finches are on their page for the next Lottery Drawings to take place Monday, Aug 18th.Next up will be Swans followed by Egrets.

One never stops learning! The Artfire launch had more than its fair share of aggravation for most of those who were trying to buy a spindle. So, until I can (…Read More)

Changes are hard. For most people any way. They have a way of putting a person off balance, of feeling disoriented. We have enough things changing all.the.time with the internet. (…Read More)

Please read the whole post for a better understanding of where we’re coming from.Recently a couple of customers have contacted us and sent us pictures of Ed Jenkins Lark™ set (…Read More)