Drawings for Aegeans and Swans

Dec 26 The Aegean and Swan drawings close today at 11am, drawing results posted here between 11:45 & noon. See instructions for full details.

Once the website has been transferred it to a more robust server, spindles will be available to buy on the website as Ed makes them.

Please read the instructions carefully, and follow them. Since these drawings are extremely time-consuming on this end no leeway will be given to entries that don’t follow the rules. They will be deleted.

  1.   You may enter for 1 spindle, either an Aegean or a Swan.
    Decide carefully, once you submit your entry no changes will be allowed.
  2.  Email entries accepted from now  until 11 am (Pacific Time)  Friday, Dec 26th.
    create @ yarntools . com (remove spaces)
    Emails sent outside this time frame, to other emails addresses or requests via blog comments, FB or Ravelry will not be considered.
  3. Write the # of the spindle you want to be entered  in the Subject Heading
    Ex: A254  Don’t put anything else in the subject heading.
  4.  Include in the body of your email:
    * Your Name
    * Postal Zip Code
    * Country, & Phone number,  if outside of the USA
    * PayPal email – if different from your regular email. PLEASE note! The address on the PayPal account is the one we consider your official address.
    * The number of the spindle you want to be entered for, ex. A254 (Putting the spindle number here as well as in the heading verifies that it really is the one you want.)
  5.  Drawing Numbers will be assigned to names in the order in which they are submitted. You’ll receive your number before the closing time. Please don’t send another email unless you haven’t received a reply with your individual number by 10:30 am Friday.Each spindle is assigned its own set of numbers. Only the number drawn for a specific spindle is the winning number for that spindle.
    Hypothetical example: you enter for A254 and are assigned #4. If the #4 is drawn by the RNG for A254, then the person assigned #4 for A254 is the winner of that spindle.The numbers for all the entries for each spindle will be entered into an online Random Number Generator.The winning numbers for each spindle will be posted here by 11:45 am Friday, Dec 26th. The winners will be sent a PayPal invoice by Saturday morning. We watch our granddaughter on Friday, (it’s also my birthday!) as well as preparing for a family gathering on Saturday so I’ll do my best to be timely but there may be unforeseen detours.

 Swan Spindles:

S170 Canary Swan, 42 grams / 1.48 ounces

S170 Canary 42g

S172 Cocobolo Swan, 54 grams / 1.90 ounce
S172 Cocobolo 54g

S176 Pheasant Swan, 53 grams / 1.86 ounce
S176 Pheasant 53g

S177 Purpleheart Swan, 54 grams / 1.90 ounce
S177 Purpleheart 54g

S178 Purpleheart, 55 grams / 1.94 ounce
S178 Purpleheart 55g

S179 Spalted Tamarind Swan, 33 grams / 1.16 ounce
S179 Spalted Tamarind 33g

S180 Zebra Swan, 45 grams / 1.58 ounce
S180 Zebrawood 45g

S181 Zebra Swan, 46 grams / 1.62 ounce
S181 Zebra 46g

Aegean Spindles:

A260 Pear Aegean, 20 grams / 0.70 ounce

A260 Pear 20g

A261 Pear, 21 grams / 0.74 ounce
A261 Pear 21g

A263 Tineo (Chilean Apple) Aegean, 19 grams / 0.67 ounce

A263 Tineo 19g

A253 Cherry Aegean, 17 grams / 0.59 ounce

A253 Cherry 17g

A254 Lilac Aegean, 19 grams / 0.67 ounce

A254 Lilac 19g

A255 Bigleaf Maple Aegean, 14 grams / 0.49 ounce

A255 Bigleaf Maple 14g

A256 Quilted Bigleaf Maple Aegean, 14 grams / 0.49 ounce

A256 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 14g

A258 Eastern Hardrock Maple Aegean, 18 grams / 0.63 ounce

A258 E Hardrock Maple 18g

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