Egrets Rising

Egrets will be available to purchase tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm Pacific Time.
No fear, this time they’re pre-programmed to be appear in the Store at 6:30 pm Dec 17th.

Here’s the preview line-up of Egrets and their weights so that you may leisurely look before the rush at 6:30 Wednesday evening. There will be a limit of one spindle each.

Pacific Yew,  36 grams
E194 Yew 36g

English Walnut, 36 grams
E193 English Walnut 36g

Quilted Walnut, 37 grams  The picture didn’t capture the subtle quilting.
E191 Walnut 37g

Tineo aka Chilean Apple, 33 grams

E190 Tineo 33g

Pear, 39 grams
E189 Pear 39g

Osage Orange, 43 grams

E188 Osage Orange 43g


Black Mesquite 43 grams  The two friendly garden spiders will help you spin.
E186 Black Mesquite 43g

Quilted Bigleaf Maple, 30 grams
E185 Quilted Bigleaf Maple 30g

Elm, 30 grams
E181 Elm 30g

Cherry, 36 grams
E180 Cherry 36gThat’s all for this time around. Next posting will have a few Aegeans on Thursday. Finches will follow the Aegeans.

If you’re not sure about which of Ed’s styles is right for you there is a picture showing them laid out grouped over a tape measure for reference with descriptions of each style on the Spindle Comparison page.