Spindle Preview!

With the expertise of Jesse, of Mardesco, the most recent bug encounters have been captured and stomped out. We’re expecting much smoother spinning from here out with shop updates. Still, there will always be some hiccups and disappointments due to the human factor. If you encounter a problem that seems like something we should be able to control kindly let me know.

Jesse will be making the RSS feed more easily accessible from this page so you may click it to be notified of blog updates. He’s also looking into finding the key for new posts to be automatically posted at our Yarn Tools FaceBook page.

There will be Kuchulus and Swans posted on Saturday. (Time to be announced tomorrow.) The spindles that will be available are all pictured below so that you may leisurely look at each of them ahead of time.

The spindles pictured here will magically appear in the Store at the right time Saturday. We’re hoping that the servers won’t be overloaded or jammed. In that sense this will be another test run.

If you already have a Swan and/or a Kuchulu please give others the opportunity to buy. The limit of 1 spindle per buyer / address will be enforced.

6 Kuchulus  (keep scrolling to see the Swans)

Bubinga 6 grams / 0.21 ounce – very lightweight!

K153 Bubinga 6g

Pink Ivory, 11 grams / 0.38 ounce
K162 Pink Ivory 11g

Bolivian Rosewood, 8 grams / 0.28 ounce

K152 Bolivian Rosewood 8g

K147 Black & White Ebony, 9 grams / 0.31 ounce
K147 B&W ebony 9g

Carob, 7 grams / 0.24 ounce – another lightweight

K146 Carob 7g

K158 Black & White Ebony, 9 grams / 0.31 ounce

K158 BW Ebony

Macassar Ebony, 9 grams / 0.31 ounce

K160 Macassar Ebony 9g

Burmese Rosewood, 9 grams / 0.31 ounce
K155 Burmese Rosewood 9g

6 Swans  (Forgive the bad pictures These are all much better looking in real life!)

Mora, 46 grams / 1.62 ounces
S150 Mora 46g

Burmese Rosewood, 57 grams / 2.01 ounces
S156 Burmese Rosewood 57g


Hububalli, 36 grams / 1.26 ounces
S159 Hububalli 36g

Panga Panga, 48 grams / 1.69 ounces
(bad picture, this is a handsome spindle)
S160 Panga Panga 48g

Queenwood, 50 grams / 1.76 ounces
S161 Queenwood 50g

Spalted Tamarind, 42 grams / 1.48 ounces

S163 Spalted Tamarind 42g