Important Stuff

2:05pm Edited to add: The first posting of Finches this morning was a disaster. The shopping cart we use simply was not robust enough to handle the onslaught of clicks and buyers causing spindles to be sold multiple times, website crashes, lock-outs (even I was temporarily locked out while trying to upload more spindles). So, until we are able to either find an affordable cart that can handle 1000 plus hits/minute or get the problem fixed by the cart software writers we’re going to pull back at least for a few days and not post any spindles here.
I’m terribly sorry for the great inconvenience that this has caused so many of our faithful, loyal customers and all those trying to buy a spindle from us.

Original post:
Gracious, this new website has had its learning curves and difficulties. With a smaller budget than big companies can handle we’re limited to a shopping cart that is more capable of what we’ve used in the past but it’s not able to completely handle the rush of clicks that descend when new spindles are posted. There are still times when one spindle have been sold repeatedly. When this happens we do our best to make another one of similar wood and weight, or refund the money. (Bear in mind that two pieces from one block of wood can be radically different.)

With the uncanny ability of hackers around the world continually seeking vulnerable cracks we use a strong security guard to keep our site as safe as possible. We had our original website and domain, ArtEdje, completely hijacked. I never want to go through that nightmare again.

As a result, the WordFence security is programmed to block any IP that repeatedly & rapidly clicks on the site. That is the behavior of crawlers. If you click multiple times within five seconds your IP will be blocked for one month.  So, breathe, click slowly between pages/spindles, only once every two – three seconds. It might take several updates before you’re able to score a spindle but keep trying. More spindles will be added one to two times each week.

One group of  ten Finches will be posted at noon today, Dec 1st, Pacific Time with another posting of eight Finches at 6:30 pm today. (Cancelled due to shopping cart woes.)
Don’t know the hour difference between your zone and Pacific Time? There are lots of great World Time Zone clocks and maps online.

We will be strictly enforcing a limit of one Finch per buyer / address for today’s Finches. Two reasons:
1) In the hope of helping people to put only one spindle in their cart and immediately buy it. We’ve found that people are hoarding a number of spindles and slowly taking their time deciding which to buy. That gums up the works for everyone else. Not nice.
2) There are many, many people still wanting their very first Jenkins spindle. We know that there are people out there buying them to resell, which is sort of okay, except when they’re marking up the price. This doesn’t set well after awhile.

If we find that one buyer or multiple buyers from the same address have bought two spindles the second spindle will be put into this evening’s update and their money reimbursed minus $2. If you buy a Finch this afternoon you will not be permitted to purchase from this evening’s update.

We want this website to work for customers as well as for us! We’re aware that people want to go back to the Lottery. We understand that it was great for you but the amount of time it drained from productivity on our end was alarming. At no extra cost to the consumer.

We can always close the shop and sell from eBay. It’d certainly be less time consuming and very straightforward.

Ed is making more spindles in the shop, Wanda needs to weigh and write on his latest batch of spindles so he can apply the first coat of finish, start packing Delights from last week and get spindles uploaded to the site before noon.