Walking Wheel #6

No need to waste any more time checking for stealth updates these next few days. The next group will be posted sometime either Monday or Tuesday depending on when a photo session with the spindles takes place.The plan had been to post some tomorrow but around here plans have to be flexible. Ed finished Walking Wheel #6 yesterday. Now it’s full speed ahead getting to know it and sew bags to carry it in. Saturday is the Salem Handweavers’ annual sale in the Mission Mill Museum Dye House. (Link is to the Historical center, there’s no charge for the Weavers’ sale, or the general museum, only the quilting show, which is fabulous.) A couple months ago I was asked to demonstrate spinning on a Walking Wheel during the sale. I’d planned to use my WW, #1, that is, until Ed worked full speed ahead to get WW#6 finished in time to use for the demo. Fun!

DSC06642 (eta picture of GW6 in the Mission Mill Dye House 10.4.14)

  It’s a quiet, sweet wheel that settled down to smooth spinning from the first moment it was introduced to fiber.
Side View
Copper OrnamentsEd had fun making these copper ornaments to embellish the back end of the table.
This beauty will be for sale. (eta 1/15 – it has a buyer!) We haven’t yet figured out the logistics for shipping a WW but if someone is serious about buying it please leave a comment here, or send an email, and we’ll see what can be worked out. Due to the weight and size it’s best if the buyer lives relatively close. We haven’t yet looked fully into what carrier would be the most reliable for shipping a Walking Wheel.eta: This wood used for this wheel is Bigleaf Maple that has wonderful quilting. You can read the story, and see pictures, of our trip into the higher foothills of the Cascades to buy rough-sawn planks of this wood on my personal blog, Fiberjoy.

The asking price for this wheel is $1500.00. (SOLD) It comes with oil to lubricate the leather bearings, tools needed to assemble the wheel, plus carrying bags to easily carry the wheel to demonstrations. Shipping costs, if necessary. We plan to make a short dvd next week showing how to assemble the wheel as well as to get the spinner started spinning with it.