Slowly Getting There


The Columbia Gorge


We had a wonderful time driving to Moscow, ID where we paid a quick visit to The Yarn Underground to see Shelley and Ivy, pick up a bicycle for Ed, and stop in for a quick visit to a friend from high school days before heading southward through Idaho and its vast array of mountain ranges. If all the undulating mountains and valleys of Idaho were flattened out Idaho would be bigger than Texas.

We took the time to ride on a bike path along the Snake River, next to beautiful Payette Lake, Payette River and at Eagle Island State Park.

We had a wonderful time hanging out with our son, d-i-l and the grandkids.
Precious times that passed too quickly.

Ed’s back to making spindles, helping prepare and serve Wednesday supper at the church in Silverton that routinely serves between 400 – 500 meals every Wednesday, cut and bring home more firewood plus other must-do chores before winter cold and rains return.

I finally settled on a new webhost that will be able to handle the kind of shopping cart we need. It’s been an excruciating slog learning the ins and outs of the new format, widgets and choosing a good shopping cart that will do what we need. I had wanted it up and running by today but that’s not happening.  Progress was being made but Monday I was slammed with horrible headaches and a fever that has turned my brain to mush. I’ve been attempting to catch up with emails. Maybe by Friday I’ll be able to think clearly and will be able to finally catch up with them.

We had decided to wait until the new site was finished before making spindles available again rather than have quantities of time consumed by the lotteries. We hope you all will be patient for perhaps another week; until I can shake this bug and seriously tackle the website again.