Break time

You know those times when a multitude of things all seem to collide within a short period? Yeah, that’s right now. All is good, just lots happening between sleuthing a decent, affordable, non-techie shopping cart, family stuff and summer responsibilities. Between all that, as the need for some time off, the office will be closed and most of production slowed for the next two weeks. Wow, we’ve not taken a two week vacation since 1996

We’re also in the process of getting a new internet connection, one that should give us a higher speed than the very slow one we’ve had. Our connection was so slow that it’s impossible to Skype or Google chat. Uploading a 4 minute video to YouTube takes a couple of hours.

When the office computer is shut off I don’t handle emails. I learned the hard way that checking work emails from other computers wrecks havoc with keeping track of them.

Ed’s birthday is coming up and family gatherings are in the works.
Monday I’ll be demonstrating spinning at the Oregon State Fair. The corn in the garden is almost ready to put in the freezer. More peppers are close to being pickled. Tomatoes are abundant and will soon need lots of serious attention roasting, canning and drying. Beets are also ready to be roasted then canned. We’ll put most of the garden to rest but keep one small raised bed growing spinach, carrots and more beets. The other bed has potatoes which we dig as needed.

I’ll be working to nail down that affordable, workable shopping cart in the hopes of having one smoothly working during the second week of September. Lotteries are a wonderful way of leveling the odds for people around the world but they’re time-consuming from this end and I just can’t process as many in one week as would be more practical.

Ed has taken our granddaughter up to the wood store this morning in the ever ongoing hunt for wood.

Meanwhile, spindles are still being made.