August 07th, 2014


One never stops learning! The Artfire launch had more than its fair share of aggravation for most of those who were trying to buy a spindle.

So, until I can ferret out a good alternative, one that allows people to put a spindle in their shopping cart long enough for them to actually purchase it without it being swiped out by someone else we’ll continue holding Lotteries on the webpage of that particular spindle batch.

Occasionally some spindles might be put on Artfire in the attempt to figure out how to make it work the way we need it to. Meanwhile I’m spending hours searching through affordable, non-techie alternatives.

Today a group of Aegeans are on the docket for Lottery drawings. Please carefully read and follow all instructions on the Aegean page.

ETA: Artfire just sent an email assuring us that all their information was protected from the huge password heist. They have all sorts of security measures in place to keep people’s information safe. Good to know!