Finches Fluttering!


A flock of Finches are waiting to fly in people’s hands. Please carefully read all the instructions, and follow them if submitting an entry.

Other news: Ed has been exhausted. With the exception of making two spindles last Thursday this is the first week he’s getting back to making them. Last week he spent some time cutting blanks for new spindles as well as taking some trips to the Portland area to buy wood and other supplies.

He’s been enjoying working in the garden , snacking on spinach, lettuce, kale & peas as he works
. The green beans are flowering. Ed put in the poles for the second row of beans planted 3 weeks after the first row.
The corn is growing in leaps and bounds, it’s almost shocking to realize that they’ve grown about 18″ since this picture was taken Tuesday.

Grateful for so much a