Larks (TM) Rising


Larks are waiting on their page to be chosen for their new homes!

We’re trying something different this time: people may enter for two different spindles. Be sure to follow the instructions on the Lark page.

The Mahogany Larks being offered are from boards used as dunnage in cargo ships. Ed got them from a person who works in the Portland shipyards.  Mahogany has been used for dunnage for years. Which seems crazy since Mahogany furniture has also been a status symbol and a collector’s wood.

Mahogany, genus Swietenia,  is native to the Americas extending from Florida down to Peru and Bolivian. The Florida Mahogany was logged almost to extinction. The brother of one of our customers has been working the past twenty-five years propagating the original Florida Mahogany on his Florida acreage, we wish him great success in this long venture.

We have no idea if the mahogany dunnage which Ed is using came from true Mahogany grown in the Americas or if it’s from
other Meliaceae species which grow in many parts of the tropical areas of the world. But it’s fun to imagine the journeys it may have taken before flying as spindles!