It’s Show Time!


The Palouse Fiber Festival in Moscow was a blast!
The organizational skills and competence of Shelley and her team brought about this fabulous first time festival. Saturday was pleasantly busy. Sunday was like a party with lots of visiting, spinning, chatting and accumulating more fibery goodness.
It’s not Wanda’s fault… um, not all of it. Ed feel in love with a silvery alpaca fleece. Nevermind that the silver cast was actually dirt. Then a sister fleece, truly grey, wanted to accompany the <s>silver</s> white fleece to Oregon.

Great Wheel  #4 sparked lots of interest but will be heading to Eugene with GW#5 which will be fun. Matilda (Tilly) will be there from  1- 4 on Saturday and Sunday to demonstrate spinning with a GW and guide people interested in spinning one of these wonderful spinning companions.

Allison Geary is helping us again on Friday and Saturday. In February she took over the making of hooks, needles and hairpin looms. She’s ambitions and eager to make fiber tools and has recently developed her own line of beautiful skein winders (seen below) which she’ll have there to sell as well as her hooks, needles and hairpin looms. Please support Allison and her fledgling business. Allison is a fantastic woodworker who is keen on learning all there is to know in the fiber world. She already is conceptualizing other useful products.


Black Sheep Gathering
June 20 – 22nd 

We will be in Building #3 Space #104  Building #3 is right next to the animal barn and the show ring.

Word of advice if you’re coming to Black Sheep: Please do not think that you have rush the booth at opening time. Leisurely stroll around and see all the wondrous booths rather than get stressed standing in line.

Ed’s done his best to make lots of spindles. Our modus operandus for shows is to set out a certain amount at a time so that the supply is ever changing and there will be good selections for those coming on Saturday and Sunday. There are many who don’t have the opportunity to come until Sunday. We want to honor those people who have no control over their work schedule as well as the people who make the sacrifice to come on Friday, or Saturday.

The other thing we ask is for people to be considerate of others waiting to buy a spindle. Friday we will be limiting sales to two or three spindles per buyer with the opportunity to come back Sunday afternoon for another one.
(we really do hate limiting people)

I need to check in at Ravelry (it’s been too long!) for full details but I believe there will be a Jenkins meet-up Saturday after the Market closes, probably around 5:30pm in the area in front of the show buildings. The potluck for all attending is at 6:30.
Bring some food and join the fun. We can hang out, eat, chat and spin.

Wouldn’t you know it; the pie cherries are two weeks early this year. We came home to a tree loaded with ripe fruit ready to be picked, halved, pitted and dried. The pea vines are sagging under the weight of peas needing to be picked, blanced and frozen. Rain these past few days is causing the weeds to grow rapidly.

Only two full days at home between shows is

Life is good!

My little granddaughter polishing
one of the wheels. Watching me polishing a great wheel she grabbed one of my knitting swatches to help.