Kuchulu Drawing


Kuchulus are posted on their page for the next Lottery Drawing chance to buy one. All instructions and details are on the Kuchulu page.

There will be chances to enter for a Finch and a Lark within a couple of days so decide which type and one you’d like to try to buy. If your number is drawn for a Kuchulu you will need to sit out the drawings for the next groups of Finches and Larks.

We had a wonderful time with the grandchildren. They’re such great kids it is a joy to be able to spend several days with them. Sadly they’re moving in a few weeks several states away.

Once Ed’s sinus infection was cleared up in January he realized that something else was also creating his ongoing sinus problems. It seems pretty clear that he has become allergic to his beloved cats. We can scarcely imagine not having a house cat, let alone the couple of porch cats that adopted us several years ago. We are thankful that wood wasn’t the cause of his misery as that seemed a very real possibility. There are a few woods that he can work with for only short periods of time before breaking out in hives. He wears long sleeved shirts, mask and used an air system to help prevent problems.