It’s been snowing off and on since yesterday morning… our first this winter. Yes, we are delighted to see the beautiful white snow slowly accumulating on the ground and trees. We’d begun to think that real winter would pass us by completely but the temperature dropped Wednesday, clouds started scudding across the sky and the smell of snow was in the air. I know many of you have been suffering through endless onslaughts of snowstorms so will spar you any snow pictures, for now.


Ed made a batch of Delights. Since there aren’t many we decided not to make a big announcement or try to hold a lottery for them.

It’s first to see the Delights on their webpage will have the first chances.

ETA All the Delights on the website sold within the hour of posting them on 2/7.

Wednesday I shipped off a huge box filled with 85 crochet hooks, 50 knitting needles and 30 hairpin lace looms to Stitch Diva Studios for her booth at Stitches West in San Jose, CA later this month.

Ed’s been making some spindles to set aside and begin the process of stocking up for the two shows we will be doing this summer: Palouse Fiber Arts Festival in Moscow, ID June 13 – 15, followed immediately by Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR the next weekend.