An Introduction of Change

Three decades have passed since Ed made his first crochet hooks. By 1999 he was making the size Q hooks for a Portland retailer and our outlet on eBay. In 2003 he added eight sizes of large/jumbo knitting needles both straight and circulars. By 2004 he’d designed a hairpin lace loom, with input from Jennifer Hansen of Stitch Diva Studios which adjusted from 1″ to 6″ with all sorts of size choices between.
Ed loved making these items and is grateful to all the loyal, wonderful customers who have helped to support this business for more than a decade.We’ve been thrilled, and humbled, to have the Jenkins name become firmly established in the needle arts world.


Even the best of things can run their course.
The desire to devote more time pursuing new ideas
To make more Walking Wheels.
Trying to keep up with hooks, needles and looms became mind-numbing
Creativity stifling,
Physically exhausting.
Something had to give.

During Autumn of 2012 Ed started a silent search for a woodworker with skills and potential, someone whom he could train to make his crochet hooks, knitting needles and hairpin lace looms in order to have more time for making spindles and wheels. He found her in the store where he buys most of his wood. Seeing her passion and understanding of wood, watching her interact knowledgeably with customers he signed up for a woodturning class that she was teaching. Observing her teach he knew that she was the one, if she was willing to regularly drive from Portland down to our place to spend several days each month learning from Ed.

Allison proved to be an eager learner with a great woodworking aptitude.
Throughout the year she’s been working with Ed a few days each month as well as helping to staff our booth at shows where she caught the fiber arts fever. She’s learning how to crochet and plans to take up knitting. These past few weeks she made135 hooks and 20 circular knitting needles that Stitch Diva ordered to sell at Stitches West in San Jose Feb. 20-23th.

With confidence in her ability we have now handed this end of Jenkins Woodworking to Allison Geary! We’re excited to be helping a young person begin her own business, setting forth on her own in the amazing field of fiber arts tools.  If you need any type of the large sized hooks or knitting needles please contact Allison directly: agearywoodworks AT gmail DOT com (replace cap word with symbols)

She hasn’t yet set up a website, that will come in time.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Allison makes of her business.
Ed is looking forward to devoting his time to making spinning tools!