F is for Finch


Perhaps it was the acrylics Ed was given for Christmas.

Maybe it was having a couple weeks of not spending hours in the shop.


Or was it the prescription for his sinus infection which caused his brain race at night, night after night?

The culmination of a vision of a man, whom we’ve not met, during his morning walk at almost exactly the time Ed walked into his shop to work on the thing that he’d created in his mind while in bed during the dark of the night?


All of the above was finalized in:

F is for Finch!








Like its namesake bird, the fine winged, light-weight body enables it to fly fast. Unlike a gull or hummingbird, it doesn’t hover well and thus needs an experienced handler who is capable of spinning laceweight strands.
It is better behaved than the quick-to-backspin kuchulu.

Does this fabulous Finch want to spin with you?
Did I mention how lightweight it is?
8 grams!! Only 0.28 ounce to non-metric people!

Leave your comment here on this blog until 12 noon
Pacific Time Tuesday, January 14th.
(1 comment per person)
Please enter your email in the space provided (it won’t be visible to others)
Tell us why you think it wants to come spin with you.
Do not email, do not leave a comment on the contact page for this drawing! All entries must be in one place, here, so they can be assigned numbers in the order in which they appear.

Drawing for this fine #5 Lilac Finch will be drawn Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm Pacific Time. The winner will be announced here!


Flock of Finches

Aegean center back, Kuchulu center front,
The first five finches.

The middle Finch stays here,
The Lilac with flowers on each wing is for the drawing.
The Yew will be flying to the man with the vision.
The other two will be made available for a lottery drawing once Ed has made more – stay tuned for details…

The four winged design will most likely be the only one of its kind as Ed decided to only put designs on one or two wings, not four for a clean, simple appearance.

A Finch page will be made and posted when more Finches are finished – this coming Wednesday or Thursday.