Thanks to all those who entered! The winning numbers as drawn by the Online Random Generator, random.org  PayPal invoices will be sent by tomorrow morning to the people whose numbers (…Read More)

Dec 26 The Aegean and Swan drawings close today at 11am, drawing results posted here between 11:45 & noon. See instructions for full details. Once the website has been transferred it to a more (…Read More)

Nine Finches are in Monday’s line-up. This will be the last spindle update until after Christmas. The plan is to have both Aegeans and Swans in the next update which (…Read More)

The posting of the Egrets went off smoothly this afternoon with only a slight delay as the scheduled time for them to automatically post coincided with people visiting the site to (…Read More)

Egrets will be available to purchase tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm Pacific Time. No fear, this time they’re pre-programmed to be appear in the Store at 6:30 pm Dec 17th. Here’s (…Read More)

Kuchulus are Swans are available. The half hour early release was not on purpose. When I woke up this morning I thought I’d announced a 9am posting. Sorry for the confusion. (…Read More)

With the expertise of Jesse, of Mardesco, the most recent bug encounters have been captured and stomped out. We’re expecting much smoother spinning from here out with shop updates. Still, there (…Read More)

2:05pm Edited to add: The first posting of Finches this morning was a disaster. The shopping cart we use simply was not robust enough to handle the onslaught of clicks (…Read More)

A Fluttering of Finches are posted for your chance to buy one through lottery drawings. No fee to enter. Follow the instructions as posted on the Finch page. This time (…Read More)

Eight Finches have been posted on their page. If you already own one please sit this round out. Ten – twelve more Finches will be added Tuesday morning. I’m leaning (…Read More)