Aegean & Egrets posted


Aegeans and Egrets available for the Lottery Drawing tomorrow are now posted!

Take your time looking through all of them and decide which one you’d like best.

November typically dumps lots of rain on us here in the Pacific Northwest. Cold, blustery rains that make one want to huddle inside pursing some type of soothing fiber project. Nature has surprised us with a string of brilliant, freezing days of sun and ice! Armed with a bright blue handspun, handknit shawl gifted from a customer in Germany (I am so blessed!!!), a hot cup of coffee I might be shivering but my heart and soul feel warm with the sun shining brightly through the window. (If only it’d been so bright when I took these pictures the other day.) In another hour the heat from the wood stove should be making its way back here. Heh, I should probably add another piece of wood to it!

Ed’s begun making the various spindles that have been requested for the gift giving season ahead.  This year we won’t be spending a few days with our out of state son and family for Thanksgiving. While we will miss the time with our family staying home will help alleviate some of the stress of getting products made in good time for Christmas.   We have  much to be Thankful for whether with loved ones or working at home!