Quick Update

Ed’s third Walking Wheel has gone to its new home. The woman wrote and said she’s been astonished at how fast she can spin a skein with it. We’re so thrilled that it’s with a person who will cherish the wheel, and use it.

In other news.

With the holidays quickly coming w
e are taking limited spindle orders for people desiring to purchase one as a gift for a friend or loved one. This covers all the types of Ed’s spindles, with a limit of one (1) spindle… not one of each type, or of two types.

If you’re interested in buying a spindle to give as a gift please email us at create @ yarntools . com (remove spaces) with:

The person’s name you’re gifting
The type of spindle you’d like to get them

If they have a wood preference, color tone likes or dislikes. It’s best not to specify weight as there are factors that are beyond Ed’s control, plus he’s the one who finds which weight each particular spindle spins best at.
How you plan to pay. PayPal
your address and phone number

I’m running a few days behind in the office so please don’t panic if you don’t receive confirmation within a few days.