Kuchulu Lottery Drawing Today!

See the Kuchulu page for instructions and details to enter!  While we love comments, this website host doesn’t seem to have a way for us to reply directly, so
Comment Left on the Blog page will Not Count for lottery drawings! Follow the directions as given on the Kuchulu page. Keeping track of emails is the only sane way to keep track of all the requests.
If you love spinning on the go: waiting in line or a doctor’s office; traveling by plane, train or boat; walking your favorite foot path, or simply want a wee companion to keep in a small tin in your purse this is the spindle for you!

Yes, that’s a normal sized tp roll standing tall right behind the kuchulu.All the singles wrapped on it were spun on the kuchulu, more to be added each time the kuchulu is filled. There are 50 grams of singles spun with the kuchulu wrapped on the tp, the other 50 grams were spun on the Swan in the background. They have now been plyed together making a 1063 yards skein of soft, scrumptious yarn.