Getting Ready

With the show coming this weekend Ed’s been hard at it making as many spindles as possible every day, though he doesn’t have as many stocked as he’d like but that’s the way of it. With the need to make spindles he let other items slide until Friday and Saturday when he made hairpin lace looms. Tomorrow and Wednesday he plans to make crochet hooks and knitting needles to fill orders then it’ll be time to tidy the shop, organize and pack.


Hairpin Looms drying after receiving the first coat of finish.

Looking at the various blocks of wood on the right and center shelves which will be made into spindles. The Maple sticks/blocks in the shelves to the left will be used for hooks and needles.

Last week our farmer friend delivered a load of maple cut from his woodlot then run through the small sawmill he and his daughter operate. I still have bruises on my arms from helping Ed move the wood from the flatbed into storage. Ed’s legs have been rebelling so this week he’ll need to take it a bit easy.