Slow but Steady

After getting knocked off his feet by a vicious flu that continues to haunt him with a lingering cough, Ed is slowly gaining strength and stamina. In the beginning he was sleeping for around 18 hours a day, when he wasn’t shaking with chills or steaming with a fever. He’s now able to put in about five hours of work before calling it quits.

Spindles are beginning to make appearances at the kitchen table where they’re weighed and written on before the coats of finish are applied. There will be enough Aegeans to post on Friday, March 22nd: A great way to start of Spring and put the miseries of winter behind.

Kuchulus will be next with a target date of March 27th. After that Ed will need to concentrate on making spindles for the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival, April 19 – 21. He wants to make enough spindles to be able to continue posting on the website every week but much will depend on his health and if he’s able to get back into full swing within the next week or so.

Meanwhile, here in the eastern Willamette Valley tucked up against the Cascade Mountain range the daffodils are blooming, cherry and plum trees are showing off cheerful blossoms and the songbirds fill the morning air. It won’t be long before gardening season is in full throttle!