Welcome to Ed Jenkins’ Yarn Tools, home of the Ed’s innovative, creative styles of cross-armed spindles.

12.18 Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful customers, and those who are eagerly waiting their first Jenkins spindles. We are so blessed!

The Office will be closed until after the New Year begins. It’s that time for reorganizing, and being with out-of-state family.

Regarding your spindle’s shaft:
Take very good care of your spindle shafts. Use a sturdy container to keep spindle and shaft safe.
2) Ed does not make a One-size-fits-all. Each individual spindle has the shaft made specifically for that one spindle. As he’s making that shaft he’s continually testing it and fine tuning it to get the ultimate spin he thinks is possible.
We can’t guarantee that a replacement shaft will work as well.
If there is a mishap, send us an email, or via contact page, with the style, weight and year. We must know these details in order to get a shaft that works well with a spindle of the same weight. Even then, odds are very high that it will be slightly different from the original shaft.


Meet Dovekie: A refined version of the older Delight style. Dovekie – an adorable small, round, and fast-flying North Pacific bird. These spindles range between 14 – 22 grams, most are between 17 – 20 grams.

Ed’s most excited about his newest concept and creation. This one took a lot of thought and design work to develop. Possibly the first 3-arm spindle ever created?
Introducing Merlin!
Picture credit: Evanita W Montalvo
So far Merlin spindles weigh between low – upper 30 grams, with an occasional lighter weight.
They’ll be posted on the website when we get a functional store rebuilt.

YarnTools is the place to find those lovely lightweight cross-arm drop spindles that you love.  When you want to turn your beautifully carded and hand-dyed wool, cottons or plant fibers into the finest yarn our drop spindles are the “Yarn Tools” you need.  If you have tried it, then you already know how habit-forming it can be!

Spinning your own yarn with our drop spindles is a joyous activity that creates something beautiful, makes you feel fulfilled, and keeps your hands busy while you chat with friends and family, watch birds, or whatever it is that you love to do most. We look forward to sharing our joy with you.  Have a beautiful day!

Our Ravelry forum is active with monthly challenges and goals.

Ed Jenkins’ life passion is working with wood, producing items with creativity, ingenuity and years of experience. Each spindle and great wheel is made one at a time by Ed’s hands without computerized machinery.

Ed loves to innovate on the age old concept of Turkish spindle styles. To date he has created seven distinct, never-before-seen sizes and styles of spindles. These were all conceived in his mind and though months of trial and error working to perfect each new concept.

Ed buys all his wood from reputable dealers who care about the long-term sustainability of tree harvesting. Much of the wood we use was raised on tree plantations where the local people have a vested interest in planting and harvesting trees for sustainable economic growth.