Jenkins Yarn Tools – Unique Spindles by Ed Jenkins

May 3  The Store and office will be closed until at least May 12. At that time we’ll post when the next spindle update will be.
Welcome to Ed Jenkins’ Yarn Tools, home of the Ed’s innovative, creative styles of cross-armed spindles.
Spindles are posted weekly in the Store. If you’ve not yet been successful at buying one please contact us so we can alert you to the next update.

On days when we schedule spindle releases, you can click here to view a spindle release countdown timer.

I hope you’ll take time to read this wonderful article on the local front-line workers defending our area and town from the Beachie Creek Wildfires. We are truly grateful and blessed! Our hearts go out to all those who’ve lost their homes, businesses and properties in these terrible wildfires.

Ed Jenkins’ life passion is working with wood, producing items with creativity, ingenuity and years of experience. Each spindle and great wheel is made one at a time by Ed’s hands without computerized machinery.

Ed loves to innovate on the age old concept of Turkish spindle styles. To date he has created seven distinct, never-before-seen sizes and styles of spindles. These were all conceived in his mind and though months of trial and error working to perfect each new concept.

Ed buys all his wood from reputable dealers who care about the long-term sustainability of tree harvesting. Much of the wood we use was raised on tree plantations where the local people have a vested interest in planting and harvesting trees for sustainable economic growth.

If you’re looking for crochet hooks, knitting needles or hairpin lace looms please see Allison Geary’s  website: 
Allison studied under Ed until she’d mastered the technique of making them. Ed completely turned that end of our business over to Allison to carry on. She now runs her own business making the beautiful tools for crocheters and knitters. If you loved Ed’s hooks and needles you’ll love Allison’s work. She has a natural eye and hand for creating beautiful products, is passionate about woodworking and learning about fiber arts.